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In order to obtain the appropriate architectural design of the bridge across the river Vrbas in position of the special cultural, historical and ambient importance for Banja Luka (named “Settlement Dolac”), and to get quality concepts and conceptual solutions for planning and activating Urban zones in the immediate surroundings of the bridge, the city of Banja Luka is announcing the OPEN, INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION FOR THE ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN OF THE BRIDGE IN THE DOLAC SETTLEMENT IN THE CITY OF BANJA LUKA

Like any river, the river Vrbas connects and separates; like any river, it has two faces – the generous and pleasant one, which benefits the human community even without investing in the river, and the frightening one, when its force turns against this community. Both faces are reflected on the human need to cross it, to connect its banks for his benefit in his coexistence with the river… to establish one of the basic forms of his relationship to the river – crossing over.

Bridge is the intersection of this relationship…

A bridge over the river Vrbas in the village of Dolac, near Banja Luka fortress Kastel, will upgrade the townscape of the inner city center. The well-known scene of the fortress will become even better known with the presence of a bridge… from a star townscape, it will become by force of its importance and meaning – a superstar – a townscape for the future.

Questions and answers

Is it possible to get a longitudinal profile of the road, as well as the defined lower edge of the bridge construction in relation to the river Vrbas? It is necessary for the positioning of the bridge and for the layout of construction support sites.

Competitors can find definition of the level of the lowest bridge element in Folder “2_COMPETITION_PROGRAM_AND_REQUIREMENTS”, page 24, Competition Task.

In folder “3_3_SPATIAL_PLANNING_AND_TECHNICAL_REQUIREMENTS_EXCERPT”, competitors can find spatial constraints, i.e. the obligatory elevation angle at the crossing of Đure Daničić St. and Carica Milica St. with the access roads to the bridge. The definition of the final longitudinal profile and the constructive proposal of the bridge is the task of the competition with the respect of the mentioned elevation angle.

Where can we download tender documentation in English or Latin?

Competition documentation in English is available for the applicants via link

In the document COMPETITION ANNOUNCEMENT, under the 2.3.4. Graphic Attachments part it is stated that the content of the required competition documentation includes six 3D visualisations (9.1.-9.6.) and a 3D animation. However, in the graphic poster layout there is only four of these 3D visualisations (9.1.-9.4.). What does that mean - are the last two optional or? Also, is the existance of 3D animation eliminatory, or is it possible to provide it later in case of winning the competition?

As stated in Chapter 2.3. CONTENTS OF THE REQUIRED COMPETITION DOCUMENTATION all participants are obliged to submit the following documentation: notebook with textual and graphic attachments, exibition poster, small poster for digital exibition, all graphic attachments (1-10) and 3D animation.
With regard to the graphic display of the template, participants can select four 3D views out of the six required, which, in their opinion, are the best illustrations of their solution/proposal.

Submitted proposals