Better than any other metropolis: Banja Luka Grammer School students von a handful of medals

Better than any other metropolis: Banja Luka Grammer School students von a handful of medals

Mayor Draško Stanivuković organized a reception for the Banja Luka Grammar School students, who have achieved the greatest success so far at the Olympiad of Metropolises in Moscow, especially the student Marko Jojić, who achieved a historical result not only of the Republika Srpska, but also of Bosnia and Herzegovina, when it comes to the International Mathematical Olympiad.

With sincere congratulations on this great success, Mayor Stanivuković emphasized that these young people would have all the support of the City Administration and him as the Mayor, and that the reception was an opportunity to promote these students and also to send a message that such a success is highly valued.

Teams from thirty-one cities around the world participated in the Olympiad of Metropolises, among which the City of Banja Luka is undoubtedly the smallest of all the participating. Nevertheless, our city found itself side by side metropolises such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Moscow, which makes the success of our students even greater.

Marko Jojić, student of the fourth grade of the Grammar School, who not only won a gold medal, but was also the absolute winner of the Olympiad in Mathematics, said that he participated in this competition for the third time and that each time he achieved better results.

He thanked the professors, the family and the City for their support.

The members of the Banja Luka Grammar School team along with Marko Jojić, were also Jovan Vuković (Mathematics), Sergej Krčmar and Marko Vučić (Physics), Milica Milašinović and Nikola Srdić (Chemistry) and Leon Kosić and Marko Dimitrić (Informatics).

All eight students achieved excellent results, and medals were won by Marko Jojić (gold) and Jovan Vuković (bronze); Marko Vučić (silver) and Sergej Krčmar (bronze); Milica Milašinović (bronze). As a team, Banja Luka won the third prize (17th place on the ranking list).