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In order to obtain the appropriate architectural design of the bridge across the river Vrbas in position of the special cultural, historical and ambient importance for Banja Luka (named “Settlement Dolac”), and to get quality concepts and conceptual solutions for planning and activating Urban zones in the immediate surroundings of the bridge, the city of Banja Luka is announcing the OPEN, INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION FOR THE ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN OF THE BRIDGE IN THE DOLAC SETTLEMENT IN THE CITY OF BANJA LUKA

Like any river, the river Vrbas connects and separates; like any river, it has two faces – the generous and pleasant one, which benefits the human community even without investing in the river, and the frightening one, when its force turns against this community. Both faces are reflected on the human need to cross it, to connect its banks for his benefit in his coexistence with the river… to establish one of the basic forms of his relationship to the river – crossing over.

Bridge is the intersection of this relationship…

A bridge over the river Vrbas in the village of Dolac, near Banja Luka fortress Kastel, will upgrade the townscape of the inner city center. The well-known scene of the fortress will become even better known with the presence of a bridge… from a star townscape, it will become by force of its importance and meaning – a superstar – a townscape for the future.


Submitted proposals exhibition

Questions and answers

In the Competition Announcement document, Chapter 4, it is stated that deadline for the both postal and digital submissions are September 30th 2019 by 23:59 hours (GMT +1). Is it possible for you to accept both submissions until specified time (23:59) ? Can you confirm the deadlines of postal and digital submissions? We are confused since it is not usual that postal submissions are accepted at late hours. We would like to be sure if September 30th 2019 by 23:59 hours (GMT +1) is in your working hours for accepting Postal Submissions.

Deadlines for accepting proposals are defined as the deadline for sending, not reciving submissions. All proposals sent after the deadline will not be accepted.
The documentation defined in Folder COMPETITION_ANONNCEMENT, Chapter 2.3 shall be submitted in digital form via the link ( bridge-design-competition-banjaluka2024), while only the documentation defined in Chapter 3 is submitted by mail.

  • Теxtual document in A4 format enclosing:
  • Used unique code of five Arabic numbers and two letters;
  • Name(s) of the author;
  • Name of the peroson authorized for representation (may and may not be one of the authors);
  • Statement by the author/person authorized to represent on the fulfillment of the competition requirements specified in Chapter 4). With their signature, they confirm the authorship of the competition proposal, and that they are authorized to submit it, and that under the terms of the competition they have the right to participate;
  • Electronic address for submission of the Selection Committee decision;
  • Contact telephone number;
  • A statement in which the author or team of authors decide whether they want to exhibit the proposal under the code (anonymously) or under the author’s name;
  • A statement in which the author or the team of authors agree upon the way of sharing the prize in percentages, with the payment details for all the stated persons;
  • Printed exhibition poster reduced to 29.7 x21cm, horizontally oriented
  • Label with information about the author for the poster at the public exhibition, if the authors agree that their proposal is to be published under their names. The label must be made in the given dimensions, and the form is enclosed in the competition documentation.

Folder COMPETITION_ANONNCEMENT does not define the format for graphic attachments. Only the scales of this attachment are given in the text. Resolution for graphics attachments is not defined either, so I suppose it could not be too large to fit in the zip of 30MB. I would also assume that in these graphic attachments the scope of the drawings is expected to be larger than on the poster, where the frame of scale 1 to 1000 does not include the fortress, which is crucial for that attachment, while the frame of the bridge at 1 in 500 goes too far in length instead of in width, as if, when designing the template, it was not considered that the bridge was not going straight but it was curved. Cropped segments of graphical attachments will appear on the poster, so I would suggest revising the poster in accordance with urban conditions, or make it optional for participants to adjust the attachment frames to their solutions.

Since the documentation is defined in Chapter 2.3. Folder COMPETITION ANNOUNCEMENT is submitted in digital format, the format of graphic attachments is not defined. The authors are given freedom to organize and dimension the required contributions in a way they seem appropriate for presentation to the Jury. The only graphic attachment that is determined is the 100/70 cm EXHIBITION POSTER.

Competition Announcement document, Chapter 3.2, does not clarify whether the competition results will be published anonymously or under the author′s name. Can you give more information about the this?

All submitted proposals may be used for the purpose of publishing and promoting the results of the competition with the mention of author, and if the authors do not want their names to be published, the proposals will be marked with a copyright code.

Does the graphic attachments to be submitted need to be in pdf in the required scale, or just reduced to a3? The required file sizes are larger in pdf, even at 150 dpi and the zipped folder will easily exceed the 30 MB required. Also, the format of these attachments is not defined, or whether they can be grouped in sheets ... The animation file also takes up a lot of space even in the worst quality, especially since it lasts a whole minute.

Graphic attachments defined in Chapter 2.3.4. must be in the required scale. Graphic attachments are reduced to A3 format in the NOTEBOOK with textual and graphic attachments.

I was told in the Post office that the envelopes for abroad must have information about the sender. How do I send you an envelope without being disqualified? I would ask you to respond as soon as possible, because this is a problem for everyone who sends an envelope from outside B&H??!!! Is the competition really international, or just for B&H?

Тhere are several options for securing anonymity when sending an “AUTHOR” envelope by mail, such as:

  • by regular mail without return receipt with the appropriate number of postage stamps (depending on the country of the sender);
  • opening a mail box to receive the return receipt;
  • via express mail service (DHL, Fed EX, …) with an anonymous note (envelope „AUTHOR“ inside the sending envelope with no Author uniqe code

Is it possible to get a longitudinal profile of the road, as well as the defined lower edge of the bridge construction in relation to the river Vrbas? It is necessary for the positioning of the bridge and for the layout of construction support sites.

Competitors can find definition of the level of the lowest bridge element in Folder “2_COMPETITION_PROGRAM_AND_REQUIREMENTS”, page 24, Competition Task.

In folder “3_3_SPATIAL_PLANNING_AND_TECHNICAL_REQUIREMENTS_EXCERPT”, competitors can find spatial constraints, i.e. the obligatory elevation angle at the crossing of Đure Daničić St. and Carica Milica St. with the access roads to the bridge. The definition of the final longitudinal profile and the constructive proposal of the bridge is the task of the competition with the respect of the mentioned elevation angle.

Where can we download tender documentation in English or Latin?

Competition documentation in English is available for the applicants via link

In the document COMPETITION ANNOUNCEMENT, under the 2.3.4. Graphic Attachments part it is stated that the content of the required competition documentation includes six 3D visualisations (9.1.-9.6.) and a 3D animation. However, in the graphic poster layout there is only four of these 3D visualisations (9.1.-9.4.). What does that mean - are the last two optional or? Also, is the existance of 3D animation eliminatory, or is it possible to provide it later in case of winning the competition?

As stated in Chapter 2.3. CONTENTS OF THE REQUIRED COMPETITION DOCUMENTATION all participants are obliged to submit the following documentation: notebook with textual and graphic attachments, exibition poster, small poster for digital exibition, all graphic attachments (1-10) and 3D animation.
With regard to the graphic display of the template, participants can select four 3D views out of the six required, which, in their opinion, are the best illustrations of their solution/proposal.

I was wondering if you might consider modifying the requirement of providing 3D animation (for example by making it optional or obligatory only for winners). I am asking because this one element (if done properly) might take more time than the design process + preparing all the other drawings and renderings combined. 30-60 seconds animation requires making 720-1800 individual renderings and if outsourced its price can easily exceed 5-10.000 euro. Because of that, I am afraid that this requirement might discourage many of the potential participants.

As stated in Chapter 2.3. CONTENTS OF THE REQUIRED COMPETITION DOCUMENTATION all participants are obliged to submit 3D animation.

What is the length of the bridge?

As stated in COMPETITION PROGRAM AND REQUIREMENTS (folder 2), page 20:
“The task of the competition is architectural conceptualization of a bridge at the mouth of the river Crkvena in the river Vrbas, the exploration of possibilities for development of the public and green space under the bridge, as well as the general conceptualization of the form and fabric of the immediate urban surroundings. The concept implies basic geometry of the bridge, the number of spans and the proposed structural system.”
Lenght of the bridge will depend on the chosen concept.

Can the bridge be straight for some reason?

Bridge position is defined by SPATIAL PLANNING AND TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS, foder 3.3 of Competition documentation.

How will he/she be able to address the question after 7th August 2019 if there are technical interferences or something unpredictable happen, because the deadline is too short for the conceptual design and I think it should be possible, ie. extend the deadline for questions?

Deadline for questions is defined in Competition announcement.

How could we get competition code (5 digits and 2 letters)? or is it intentionally named(coded) by the competitor?

А unique code consisting of five Arabic numbers and two letters is chosen by the competitor.

Is it possible a single competitor to submit more than one proposal?

Each applicant (competitor) is allowed to submit only one competition proposal without any variant solutions. (page 7., Competition announcement)

Is there any prize money?

Awards are defined in the chapter 6. (page 10., Competition announcement)

The need for questions will be after 07.08.2019. especially when the paper is submitted, now I have a question about the graphical representation of the template, does the participant choose the four 3d views and enter chosen graphical views in view 9.1 - view 9.2- view 9.3 and view 9.4 and where will participant enter the other six obligatory views, is it to be entered in the horizontal projection of the bridge 1: 500, longitudinal section 1: 1500, code, textual description up to 1000 characters, what is entered in the field situations 1: 1000 and what is entered in the place for the table and for such technical problems and ambiguities about submitting proposal and technical problems with filling would you allow questions until the end of the competition.

An integral part of the Competition documentation is the Competition announcement in which are defined the contents of the required competition documentation, as well as deadlines.

Is it possible to know which is the average level of the river water compared to the right and/or left bank? Moreover: do you need to guarantee river be navigable - i.e. do you need any particular vertical distance between river water and bridge deck to allow a boat to navigate through the river? If yes, could you clarify this measure? Thanks!

Deadline for questions is defined in the competition announcement (7th August 2019).
The competition task is available to competitors in the folder “2_COMPETITION_PROGRAM_AND_REQUIREMENTS”, where they can find the information on the lowest bridge element level. Note: Answers to similar questions can be found on the official website of the competition under „Questions and Answers“.

Wich format we should sent the graphic attachments? In the competition announcement we have the scale of each item, we have the format of the reducements (a3 format) and the format and layout of the exibition poster, but no one reference of size or format of boards to the graphic attachments. thank you

The deadline for questions is defined in the competition announcement (7th August 2019).
The graphic attachment format is also defined in the competition announcement – Chapter 3. ”LABELING AND SUBMISSION OF COMPETITION PROPOSALS”.


Due to the number of questions received after the deadline for submission of questions regarding the prescribed dimensions of the exhibition posters, the Competition Jury has decided to inform hereby the participants of the following:
The format of the exhibition poster is 100/70 in accordance with annex 4. NO. 4 (4_GRAPHIC_POSTER_TEMPLATE).