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The City of Banja Luka was awarded an international BFC SEE (Business Friendly Certification South East Europe) certificate in 2015.


BFC SEE criteria

National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) is the independent association of businesses, local governments and civil society organizations working together on improving the business climate in Serbia. NALED is the only business association gathering all three sectors of the society (public, private and civil) whose activities and goals are supported by the government institutions and international development organizations. Since it was established in 2006, NALED has brought together over 160 members and 30 institutional partners.

The mission of NALED is to improve the business environment in Serbia trough institutional reforms with active participation and cooperation of businesses, municipalities and citizens. All NALED activities are focused on realizing actual goals deriving from the mission:

  • Investment promotion and business support
  • Business guided policy reforms
  • Municipal capacity building

NALED is known for its unique concept and structure that brings together members, as well as on its original ideas and projects relevant to local economic development. Certification of Business Friendly Environment (BFC), Calculator of local taxes and levies, By-law Barometer, Grey Book, Campaign ‘’Ask When?’’, Ambassadorial initiative or CSR certification are some of the successful projects implemented by NALED. By organizing a large number of events and business meetings, NALED has become a leader in promoting dialogue between the public, private and civil sector and positioned itself as the leading authority in the field of monitoring the legislative activity and measuring the public administration performance.