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In order to obtain the appropriate architectural design of the central pedestrian zone, City of Banja Luka is announcing the INTERNATIONAL OPEN PUBLIC COMPETITION FOR THE CONCEPTUAL DESIGN FOR THE CENTRAL PEDESTRIAN ZONE IN BANJA LUKA.

The goal of the competition is to find, through the evaluation of several received design proposals, the best design for the central pedestrian zone in Banja Luka, which will become the basis for the possible preparation of planning documentation of this area, with the presentation of awards to the author/authors of the best proposals.

The inner city centre and its core that includes the very subject of the competition – future central pedestrian zone, is an area of great potential; articulation of its floor area by construction of new buildings would form a new axis of the urban matrix, which would be perpendicular to the existing pedestrian route stretching from the Krajina square to the National Theatre of RS. In this way, development/revitalisation of the city core would be continued in line with its existing matrix. Such a method works in multiple ways: it introduces new facilities in the city centre, it extends the pedestrian area, it enlarges the green zone of the inner city, it suggests future development paths, it makes appropriate use of some sites that are currently derelict, and it does all this in an optimal relation to the heritage matrix.


The Competition Jury for International open public Competition for the conceptual design for the Central Pedestrian Zone in Banja Luka  notifies hereby the applicants of the following:

  • the explanation of the proposal, in addition to the graphic annexes, as defined in the Competition Announcement implies that it may have up to 1000 characters or up to 1000 words;
  • the animation as defined in Clause 2.3.5. of the Competition Announcement may be a separate .zip file and submitted digitally in the “selected_code_ANIMATION” mode;
  • the format of the exhibit posters is 100/70 in accordance with Annex 4, Graphic display of the posters (“template”).

Submitted proposals exhibition

Questions and answers

Who can participate in competition?

All legal and natural persons, who meet the professional and other requirements defined under this competition regardless of their territorial affiliation, have the right to participate in the competition.

Can you tell us what is planned to be built between the streets of Vaso Pelagic, Srpska and Ban Teodor Lazarevic? 2. Are there any 3D renders or plans and layouts for that future complex?

  1. Planed buildings between the streets of Vaso Pelagic, Srpska and Ban Teodor Lazarevic, are defined in the graphic appendix 3_3_1_PLAN_OF_SPATIAL_ORGANIZATION of Competition documentation.
  2. The layout and future elevation/view of the buildings between Vaso Pelagic, Srpska and Ban Teodor Lazarevic will be designed by the participants through the definition of the ambient 5.

Ambient 1 Is it possible to provide public underground parking garage?

The participants are given the opportunity to consider placing underground garages in this area rather than above the ground as well as to consider different distribution of the spatial contents in 60% / 40% ratio. (page 16., Competition program and requirements)

Ambient 2 Is it possible to envisage an underground roadway between via Petra 1 Karadjordje and banskidvor palce (in front temple Christo Salvatore) maintaing the pedestrian walkway at street level?

Spatial planning and technical requirements (map 3.3.1) define an underground pedestrian connection between Ambient 2 and 3. The entrance / exit to the underpass are planned in the southwest corner of the courtyard of Christ the Savior Temple, that is, along King Peter 1 Karadjordjevic Street. The planned connection is pedestrian, without including cars.

Ambient 4 Is the total demolition of all existing buildings expected?


Ambient 5 Are there buildings that need to be maintained in the area? ( Hotel and ruined building )

Spatial planning and technical requirements (folder 3.3) define the building that are obligate to maintane – Cultural, historic and natural heritage (map 3.3.5).

Ambient 5 Should the new buildings included in the plan have to strictly maintain the planned alignment on the road?

Spatial planning and technical requirements (folder 3.3) define the building lines as the most prominent parts of the building. The authors are free to define the position of the object within these lines.

Explanation of the proposal up to 1000 characters in notebook may contain study sketches as a supplement to the graphic attachments. Please you can better describe?

Contain of NOTEBOOK with textual and graphic attachments is defined in Chapter 2.3.1 of Competition Announcement. Applicant can structure and prepare explanation in any way that he/she think explain the solution he/she offers, while respecting the obligation to contain all graphic attachments (as defined in Chapter 2.3.4.) in A3 format.

Ambient 5. Sorry I don′t understand how many commercial floors are foreseen in the sub 1 and how many in the sub. 2

In the Sub-unit I of Ambient 5, all floors are for commercial purposes, while in Sub-unit II the ground floor is obligatory for commercial purposes, while the other floors may be for commercial purposes as well as residential, but upper floors are exclusively for residential purposes.

Ambient 5. On the buildings there are abbreviations, it is assumed the number of floors , I would like to know a detail of these acronyms to undestand the number of plans, destinations and possible mansards? In the competition is described : ″in sub-unit 1 the number of commercial building is within the range from B+GF+4 to B+GF+5+Lft and in the sub unit.2 the number of floors of residential-commercial buildings is 3B+GF+5+Lft

Abbreviations denote the name of floors, meaning B -Basement, GF – ground floor, Lft – retracted floor, while the number indicates the number of floors (-3Bo – 3 floors underground, 4 and 5 is 4 and 5 floors above ground floor).

Ambient 5. What does it means the competition proposal should provide the concept of ground floor garage of new buildings with enphasis on pedastrian opening from the side streets to the center of the stretch described in the annuncement?

Within the Ambient 5, an underground parking garage with 3 floors underground is planned as part of the solution for the needs of parking of Ambient 4 and 5. For the remaining planned facilities within Ambient 4 and 5 it is necessary to offer a solution for parking in the basement floors, and therefore resolve access positions from Srpska a street and street Ban Т. Lazarevic. These approaches can also play the role of pedestrian access to the central pedestrian path.

Video format information/indications and file size. 2. Classification needed about the request of View 5.3

  1. Тhe total size of the Competition proposal (all Competition documentation prescribed in Chapter 2.3 of the Competition announcement) may not exceed 30 MB.
  2. “Gallery” is the old name for a building of Museum.

In the file 3_3_1 (PLAN_OF_SPATIAL_ORGANIZATION) which is the meaning of Po, P+5+Pe above the buildings? Is it possible to demolish the buildings (pictures n. 22, 23, folder 3_2) indicated in the folder 3_3_5_CULTURAL_HISTORICAL_NATURE_HERITAGE as buildings with architectural and ambient value?

The label ”Po + P + 5 + Pe” above the buildings means the planned floor of the object (vertical)  ”basement + ground floor + Five storeys + withdrawn etages). Buildings indicated in the folder 3_3_5_CULTURAL_HISTORICAL_NATURE_HERITAGE as buildings with architectural and ambient value (pictures n. 22, 23, folder 3_2) cannot be completely removed (but only part of a structure). It is possible to have them reconstructed, but the frontal façade and their incorporation in the proposed solutions of new buildings must be remain untouched.

Is there access to 3 D models of the existing facilities?

Yes. It is in the folder 3_2_ GEODETIC_SITE_PLAN_WITH_VERTICAL_ DIMENSIONS_OF_THE_FACILITIES competition documentation.

Is there more detailed explanation of what 3D animation implies? Does it refer to a ″walk″ through the ambiences, or Gifs and other formats can be considered too?

3D animation implies a ”walk” through the ambiences, and the format of animation is not defined by the competition (of the author’s choice); the only thing defined is the animation duration (up to 1 minute).