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APRIL 29, 2022 UNTIL 23:59 (GMT +1)

By the decision of the Mayor no. 11-G-835/22 of 09.03.2022, the proposal of the Competition Jury to change the deadlines published at the International General Public Competition of the City Memorial to the Fallen and Missing Soldiers in the Defense Patriotic War of the Republika Srpska was accepted, as follows:

– The deadline for submission of works is April 29, 2022 until 23:59 (GMT +1);

– The deadline for asking questions is April 29, 2022 2022;

– The deadline for submitting answers is April 29, 2022;

– The deadline by which the Competition Commission must evaluate the competition

works is May 20, 2022;

– The deadline for the competition results announcement is June 1, 2022.


You don’t have to register in advance for participating in competition, аuthor (you) choses its “unique code” made up of five Arabic numbers and two letters!


The concerned area, as the subject of the competition, which includes a part of the central city zone and the immediate surroundings of several national monuments, faces the streets Patra, King Petar I Karadjordjević and Patriarch Makarije Sokolović, has an extremely valuable potential to form an image of the Banja Luka’s inner city. The space forms a functional unit eligible for business purposes.

The challenge for the participants of this competition and the primary task and goal is to produce with their creative ideas a high quality concept design, which will communicate genius loci, sense of integrity, historical stratification, and awareness of the needs of the city’s modern functioning and living. This concept design should incorporate facades and the open public space that is “between”, which connects, separates, directs, welcomes, and as such, completes a coherent, harmonious image of the entire urban structure of this extremely valuable part of the city.

A specific goal in this case, as a traditional authorial challenge, is to express the connection between the present and the past in architectural language; such a connection, if successfully established, is the highest quality and, for beneficiaries, the most acceptable “substance” of the urban environment.


Participants are obliged to submit competition proposal in a digital format, whereas detailed instructions for submission and naming of documents and can be found in folder “1 – COMPETITION ANNOUNCEMENT” in Chapter 3. This folder can be downloaded at “Competition documentation“.

Competition proposal and all the attachments must be written in one of the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina or in English.

All participants are required to submit the documentation defined in folder “1 – COMPETITION ANNOUNCEMENT” in Chapter 2.

Deadline for submission of competition proposal is August 10th 2022, until 23:59 hours (GMT +2).

The competition proposals not received by the announcer within the deadline determined for submission of the competition solution, and were received after the expiration of the day and the hour designated for submission of the proposals, will be considered untimely and will not be considered.

To check whether the proposal was successfully received go to “Submitted proposals” on this page. List of submitted proposals will be updated every working day until 15:00 hours. If you do not find your code in the list of submitted proposals after updating the first following day after sending the proposal, try sending again with the same code.


Deadline for submission of competition proposal is August 10th 2022, until 23:59 hours (GMT +2). To check whether the proposal was successfully received go to “Submitted proposals” on this page. List of submitted proposals will be updated every working day at 15:00 hours. If the size of your proposal is greater than 30MB, you can upload the animation as a separate .zip file with the same code, but with a different name (e.g. 12345DS-animation.zip). Author (you) choses its “unique code” made up of five Arabic numbers and two letters!


Answers of the Competition Jury will be published on this page (Question and Answers) within five days. Before you send a question, check on this page to see if there is a similar question and answer. We will no answer existing questions!


    In accordance with the conditions of the announcement of the International Open Public Competition for the development of the concept design of the facades of buildings situated between the streets King Petar I Karađorđević, Patriarch Makarije Sokolović, Theodors Kolokotronis and Patra in Banja Luka, published on June 10, 2022. and the decision of the Competition Commission of September 2, 2022, the Mayor of the City of Banja Luka, on October 13, 2022, made a decision on awarding the prize, as follows:

    • FIRST PRIZE in the amount of EUR 4,000.00 (the equivalent in BAM) is awarded for the competition proposal under the author’s code „32261ZL“, Team of authors: Jian Zhang, Difan Zhu and Zongwei Li, all from China;
    • SECOND PRIZE in the amount of EUR 2,000.00 (the equivalent in BAM) is awarded for the competition proposal under the author’s code „26099RL”, author Mirko Milanović from Serbia;
    • THIRD PRIZE in the amount of EUR 1,000.00 EUR (the equivalent in BAM) is not  awarded.

    The public will be informed about the date and place of the exhibition of competitive works at a later date.

    Submitted proposals

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    Incomplete proposals (animation missing)

    Incomplete proposals

    Questions and answers

    There is no any question.

    1. What is the basic plan for developing a project proposal? The provided plans in the 3_BASIC_DOCUMENTATION folder have some differences. (attached screenshots for comparison). 2. What is the maximum height of a new building? The new buildings located on Ulica Patre are planned to be P+2 high, which is higher than the tallest existing building within the project boundaries - P+1+M.

    Basic plan for developing a project proposal is drawing 2.1 master plan_spatial organization, and all the maximum heights of buildings are shown in this drawing. Hights vary from P (meaning ground floor only), and rising to P+1 (ground floor + first floor), then P+1+M (ground floor + first floor + mansarde) to P+2 (ground floor + first floor + second floor) watching from corner of street Skendera Kulenovica untill street Patre. All the objects located on Ulica patre (Street Patre) are planned to be P+2 high.

    Can we add floors to the existing buildings taking into consideration the maximum height mentioned in the brief? It is required that we should send our proposal by postal mail by the 10th of august, i asked the shipping companies here in Syria and they all replied me that it takes 2 weeks due to the situation, does that mean that i should be delivering my proposal 14 days before the dead line?

    You as Authors are obligated to add floors to the existing buildings, but maximum number of upper floors must be as is stated in the graphic attachment 2.1 master plan_spatial organizationin within folder 3_BASIC_DOCUMENTATION. 10 of August 2022 is final deadline for participants to submit a sealed envelope which is suppose to be sent by regular mail, however if envelope is sent precisely on final date it would definitely be received by the Announcer after the 10th of August, but it is considered to be sent properly and your proposal will be accepted. Envelope must only arrive before we publish the results of the competition, and 14 days for delivery will be more than enough.

    Are we allowed to remove any of the plots of the competition site, or parts of it? For example: the two buildings which are adjacent directly to the protected structure on the corner of the site, in order to show it? What are the buildings that can be removed? Is it possible to remove the roofs or change their cladding materials in order to regulate the random situation?

    You are not allowed to remove any of the plots of the competition site, or even parts of it. None of the buildings are allowed to be removed, only reconstructed end redesigned in order to establish a new and contemporary visual image of the area. Authors are allowed to change the appearance of the roof and also the roof cladding material.

    Is the file (graphic attachments) within the file Volume? If this is the case, what is the maximum number of pages allowed to be submitted within the volume file?

    All Graphic attachments must be an integral part of the Volume, but you should also pack all graphic attachments as a separate file. The number of pages of the Volume is not limited, you can add some attachments that are not listed in our Competition requirements, if you as the Author believe that they should be an integral part of your competition proposal.

    There are two trees in the inner section of the competition site, can we remove them? About the submission: What are the statement formats to be submitted within the postal file? Is the date of August 11 the final date of receipt in the case of postal delivery? That is, we must take into account the shipping days in order to arrive on the mentioned date? Or is it possible to deliver the project to the shipping company until the tenth of August?

    If your concept propositions demands removing trees you can propose its removal. Statements are suppose to be written on A4 paper format. 10 of August 2022 is final deadline for participants to submit envelope which is suppose to be sent by regular mail, however if envelope is sent precisely on final date it would definitely be received by the Announcer after the 10th of August, but it is considered to be sent properly and your proposal will be accepted. Envelope must only arrive before we publish the results of the competition.

    Is there any data files in English language?

    All documentation is available in English language, and you can download it with this link https://en.banjaluka.rs.ba/competition-facades
    You will find two icons in the upper right corner Competition documentation (download) and Competition documentation (WeTransfer), each one contains all the competition documentation folders in English.

    On the inner area of the site, between the faculty and the facilities, there are parking lots, currently. According to graphic attachment 2.1 Spatial organization plan (FOLDER 2_MASTER_PLAN_OF_SITE), the construction of the AMPHITHEATER (Po+P) is planned, on the existing parking lot. Is it then necessary to provide an entrance for vehicles (and from which street) and parking lots in the inner area of the site, and how many parking lots? Within the competition documentation, it is stated that when sending the envelope with information about author, it is also necessary to send:

    The amphitheater is planned as an integral part of The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, so parking requirements are planned in the underground garage, partly on the ground floor in front of the southeast side of building, as well as parallel parking lots along the street. It is not necessary to plan additional vehicle access or additional parking lots at the location.
    The tag with author’s data, which will be displayed on the public exhibition poster, is in folder no. 5_GRAPHIC_POSTER_TEMPLATE (folder number 7 is a simple technical).
    It is allowed to change the openings on the facade in terms of shape, size and position (doors and windows) with the obligation that your proposal provides a sufficient amount of light for the interior spaces.
    The courtyards facades of the buildings mainly contain openings for auxiliary rooms, and an economic entrance for business premises. Given that, your task is to completely design a new appearance of the facades, as authors you are free to form new openings in accordance with your concept proposal. Author’s competition concept proposal will later be elaborated in detail through the major architectural project.

    1. Could you send photos from a human perspective from the inner side of site? 2. In dwg. the files from the inner side of site show the position of the monument, is it supposed to be kept or removed? In what gauge (dimensions) is it necessary to provide a place for the monument?

    1. Photos of the objects from the inner side of site are in the folder 4_PHOTOS, from number 69 to 75.
    2. The object of the Clock Tower, which currently does not exist on the site, must be planned in the same size and appearance as it was originally built, because the documentation for its reconstruction is currently in process of preparation. The Clock Tower building has had a square base which dimensions were 3.2m x 3.2m.

    Is it possible to get data when individual buildings in the complex are built?

    We do not have accurate data on the construction years of each building.

    Are objects displayed in a 3D sketchup model permanent objects? Respectively, is what is NOT lifted into the third dimension in that file planned for removal?

    All existing objects are planned to be kept by the Master plan, not a single object is planned for removal, but with the possibility of upgrading the objects marked on map 2.1. Spatial organization plan, in purple colour (folder 3_BASIC_DOCUMENTATION). Other objects retain their vertical dimensions (floor numbers).

    Is it possible to get the floor plans of existing buildings?

    All the documentation which we have for the existing buildings is included in the competition documentation folder 3_BASIC_DOCUMENTATION. Over the years, the owners of the buildings have changed the internal organization of the space in order to adapt it to different contents.

    Are there any tentative expectations and requirements from the competition jury itself or the City’s administration in charge of competition that must be met in advance!? Or is everything left to chance, like the tragic monument at Kraš′s parking lot, which is embedded between 30sqm area and can only be ″experienced″ from an airplane.

    The authors are expected to look at the possibilities for redesign the facades in a way that does not degrade the indisputable values of the national monuments. The competition jury expects proposals for a new visual expression of the complex in a way that they use contemporary architectural language while developing the concept of the complex’s facades, with the aim of creating a modern urban environment. No construction of new structures on the site is planned, only the upgrading of the existing ones, and everything in accordance with the master plan from 2008.

    Can I participate in the competition if I am 14 years old?

    All interested legal and natural persons have the right to participate in the competition, regardless of their territorial affiliation or professional qualification. Competition proposals can be developed individually or by a team (there is no limit to the number of team members), provided that the following conditions are met:

    • Competition proposal shall be submitted on time and in the manner determined under the announced competition;
    • The competition proposal must be technically processed and have the format in accordance with the requirements and contain all parts as defined by the competition announcement;
    • Number of authors and associates in a team is not limited;
    • Authors of the awarded and honorable proposals shall submit their entries in the format of the software tools in which they were originally designed (first of all, vector drawings with original graphic layers, preferably in .dwg format)

    1. In the statement it is defined that participants “shall send by mail a sealed envelope” in addition to the digital submission. Is it possible to use another way (for example email) to provide required data, as mail delivery might be quite onerous? 2. Mentioned in the terms 3d animation is required condition or optional?

    All authors/participants in the competition ARE REQUIRED, in addition to the digital submission of the proposal, to send a sealed envelope only with the label “AUTHOR”, by regular mail or some international courier for mail service like DHL, FedEx or else. Every piece of information sent via e-mail makes sender visible to the receiver, so it would threaten the anonymity of the competition. What is important is that you submit envelope by the deadline for submission 10 August 2022, and they will be received by the Announcer by the deadline for publishing the results of the competition.

    3D ANIMATION is compulsory.