More than 30.000 visitors attend New Year`s concerts

More than 30.000 visitors attend New Year`s concerts

More than 30.000 citizens of Banja Luka and tourists from the region attended the concerts organized on the occasion of celebrating New Year holidays in Banja Luka, as initially estimated by the city police authority.


According to these estimates, the most of the citizens, around 20,000 of them, gathered on New Year`s Eve. Most of them were from Slovenia and they came in groups to celebrate the holidays, which is explained by a strong marketing campaign that targeted this country and started shortly before New Year`s Eve.

A huge number of visitors who had the opportunity to enjoy the performances of Ivana Peters, Sergej Cetkovic, Nikola Rokvic, Lexington band, Dzenan Loncarevic and Toni Cetinski proved that Banja Luka made a step ahead in organizing New Year holidays. This certainly made the city a distinctive regional and tourist destination.

The city tourist board informs that all accommodation capacities were full.


City service providers were also on duty and no incidents were registered by the City of Banja Luka Civil Protection Section. Only smaller incidents were sporadically registered, like fire-cracking or waste container fires. The communal police was also on duty and it reported 183 check-ups during the holidays. Totally 453 patients were examined by the emergency service, of which 85 were house visits.

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